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The future is cross-chain

TeleportDAO is a trustless interoperability protocol that provides an infrastructure for developers to build cross-chain applications.

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Trustless connection

TeleportDAO is a light-client bridge which is the most secure interoperability solution as it does not rely on third parties.

Connects blockchains directly together without introducing a new consensus layer.

Can be applied between any two blockchains, whether programmable or non-programmable.

Provides access to the whole data of the source chain on the target chain.

Build cross-chain dApps

TeleportDAO provides the most recent data of other blockchains for your dApp in the most secure way.

Easily integrate your dApp with different blockchains' ecosystem.

Access users of other blockchains for your existing dApp.

Build innovative cross-chain applications that reside on multiple blockchains.

Blockchain connections become secure



We achieve blockchain-level security by validating all data by smart contracts.


TeleportDAO protocol can be applied among all blockchains, whether they are programmable or not.


TeleportDAO provides simple APIs so developers can easily access to the data of other chains.

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